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Question 1: Tom is Mrs Black’s son
Question 2: Choose the correct statement:
Question 3: Listen to ____ sister!
Question 4:
Question 5:
Question 6: ____ the room!
Question 7: Lynn ____ television every evening.
Question 8: Pat and Jane are ____ her.
Question 9:
Question 10: There wasn’t ____ in the garden.
Question 11: Bob’s ____ .
Question 12: "Are the papers in your room?" "Yes, my mother ____ yesterday."
Question 13: Last year ____ to Canada.
Question 14: Last summer I taught ____ a bicycle.
Question 15: Jill, what ____ tomorrow evening?
Question 16: When ____ his homework?
Question 17: I spoke to ____ people at the bus-stop.
Question 18: What sort of car shall I get?
Question 19: ____ these girls do you know?
Question 20: Yesterday John ____ the bus.
Question 21: Mary bought ____ .
Question 22: ____ work on Saturdays.
Question 23: How many times have you been?
Question 24: It’s five months ____ to our new house.
Question 25: Hello, Janice! Tell me what ____ here today.
Question 26: A dog ran in front of my mother’s car and she ____ stop very quickly.
Question 27: I didn’t see any animals. I don’t think ____ in that park.
Question 28: My mother usually has ____ bed.
Question 29: The girl ____ mother was ill was crying.
Question 30: I have a ____ paper on my desk.
Question 31: "Can’t you read?" Mary said, ____ to the notice.
Question 32: It’s dark without the lights. Let’s ____ .
Question 33: Everybody ____ in bed.
Question 34: I’ve thrown away my old trousers. I’ll have to buy ____ .
Question 35: Kim and Tony weren’t the only people in the garden. There ____ .
Question 36: If I had closed the window, the thief ____ .
Question 37: I’ve been told to investigate, so I ____ ask you some questions.
Question 38: How ____ ?
Question 39: If people ____ their houses properly, the police wouldn’t have so much work to do.
Question 40: I rang him up before ____ for Rome.
Question 41: Ask him to go to the post office ____ some stamps.
Question 42: She cut the cloth with ____ scissors.
Question 43: The children ____ play with them.
Question 44: John is ____ .
Question 45: She’s going to the photographer’s ____ .
Question 46: ____ of them knew about the plan because it was secret.
Question 47: Mont Blanc, ____ we visited last summer, is the highest mountain in Europe.
Question 48: This question is ____ difficult for me.
Question 49: Good ____ ! I hope you win the race.
Question 50: Look what Father ____ me when he came home from work.
Question 51: "Why haven’t they arrived?" "They ____ the plane."
Question 52: Where’s the letter they wrote? ____ it?
Question 53: We ____ us at 10 o’clock.
Question 54: I ____ this letter around for days without looking at it.
Question 55: ____ entering the hall, he found everyone waiting for him.
Question 56: ____ an empty seat at the back of the bus.
Question 57: I don't like ____ at me.
Question 58: It often snows ____ January.
Question 59: She’s been very kind, ____ ?
Question 60: He was left alone, with ____ to look after him.
Question 61: He ____ lives in the house where he was born.
Question 62: He arrived late, ____ was annoying.
Question 63: They live ____ the other side of the road.
Question 64: I’ve often ____ at this hotel.
Question 65: Your work has been ____ so we're going to give you a rise in salary.
Question 66: It ____ her.
Question 67: We had ____ hard time trying to persuade him that we gave up.
Question 68: ____ they argued, the more difficult it became.
Question 69: I used to go to a school ____ from home.
Question 70: He ____ for half an hour.
Question 71: Would you mind ____ me a favour?
Question 72: When I ____ there I won't be able to get in.
Question 73: They have put the bird in a cage to ____ it from flying away.
Question 74: The ____ outside the house said 'Private'.
Question 75: I ____ an answer to my letter within a few days.
Question 76: If you don't know how to spell a word, look it ____ in the dictionary.
Question 77: He carries ____ as if he were the boss.
Question 78: He went on working without ____ .
Question 79: Everyone expected him to win but you never ____ .
Question 80: It was difficult to ____ in the photograph because it had been taken from so far away.
Question 81: She didn't want to buy it, ____.
Question 82: He took no notice, ____ the whole town was full of rumours.
Question 83: You ____ the washing-up. I would have done it for you.
Question 84: It’s a pity you’ve had to wait, Sir. Now ____ see if we can solve your problem?
Question 85: She chose some very pretty ____ paper for the present.
Question 86: It gave me a strange feeling of excitement to see my name ____ .
Question 87: You’d better add it up. I’m no good at ____ .
Question 88: Towards the top of the mountain the cliff was easier to climb, though ____ steeper.
Question 89: We found little snow there, as most of it seemed ____ blown off the mountain.
Question 90: We ____ the approach of the storm, but we were too busy.
Question 91: Trying to climb the mountain in such terrible conditions was ____ .
Question 92: He’ll ____ his nervousness once he’s on stage.
Question 93: There are several landladies approved by the university who take in ____ .
Question 94: He shook hands with his ____ before the match.
Question 95: He has been ____ of murdering his wife.
Question 96: We’ll ____ you as soon as we have any further information.
Question 97: She’s very pretty but that kind of face doesn’t ____ to me.
Question 98: She made it ____ that she didn’t approve by throwing something at me.
Question 99: I put the milk ____ back in the fridge.
Question 100: I caught a ____ of the car before it disappeared around the bend.

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